Missy Franklin Publishes Book “Relentless Spirit: The Unconventional Raising of a Champion”

Hello, swimming enthusiasts!


Last month, Missy Franklin, the star backstroker of the 2012 Olympics, published a book about her journey both as a swimmer and as an individual. The honesty and authenticity of her book goes along with the traits for which she has been praised as an athlete.


The book, co-written with her parents and published by Dutton, takes a closer look at Franklin’s incredible rise to fame and four gold-medal victories at the 2012 Olympic Games. However, it also provides readers with a wholehearted response to her disappointment this summer with Olympic Trials and the 2016 Olympic Games. At Olympic Trials, she narrowly qualified to compete in Rio, and at the Olympics, Franklin placed seventh in the 200 meter backstroke, for which she held the world record.


According to Franklin, she was picturing a different end to her book, as she began writing it before the summer began. In fact, she could have chosen to end her book before the summer of 2016; it was her choice to cover this period of time in her book.


Franklin’s genuine and heartfelt response to her struggles in Rio this summer has increased respect for her. Now, she is not only seen as a star swimmer, but also as an inspiring person who has pushed through disappointing experiences and shared her wisdom with others. I admire Franklin’s ability to not retreat into herself regarding these events, but instead open up to the public.